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4 Wheels and a Motor Content

  • I no longer post on the holiday’s and some of our readers had noticed and reached out to ask why. Instead of sending several emails, I figured I would write it once and share it with everyone. I got tired of seeing so many self-congratulatory posts on holidays. I also got tired of sales on […]
  • As I sit here working out our latest build schedule. I now realize the investment I have wrapped up in the JL. It definitely makes me wonder if a clapped-out XJ on Amazon 40s wouldn’t be more fun. It’s the age-old question. Is it better to drive a slow car fast, or a fast car […]
  • The second coming of the legendary Bronco nameplate returns to do battle with the mighty Jeep Wrangler. In honor of journalists getting seat time with the new Bronco Jeep unveils the Xtreme Recon with 35-inch tires, 4.88 gear ratio option, and better specifications than the new Bronco’s Sasquatch package. It’s an interesting time to be […]
  • Whether you have half-doors, or you just want to run doorless having a way to safely store and protect your Jeep doors is important. The doors are not inexpensive to replace, they protect your interior from the harsh elements, and you don’t want them to look like they came from a salvage yard. The original […]
  • I have owned a JL Wrangler since their release. I wanted to pick up my JL within a few days of them hitting the dealer lots and I ended up traveling out of Maryland to track one down. Having owned a JL since they were released I have developed a few opinions on parts I […]

2 Wheels and a Motor Content

  • With an article talking about “Why I Don’t Group Ride” and also discussing “4 Tips on How to Group Ride the Right Way” the conversation felt incomplete. It was like a hanging chad in a Florida election or a John Madden explanation—something wasn’t quite right. That feeling wouldn’t go away and it stayed in the back of my subconscious, […]
  • I’m such a hypocrite. I wrote a post about “Why I Don’t Group Ride” and then immediately left on a trip to do a tire launch that was a group ride. So much for sticking to my rules. It’s part of the job, however, so here are some pointers if you are going to go […]
  • Hanging out with friends and taking in an event that is full of bikes, good food while meeting new people is always a blast. Often events try to turn all of this into a group ride—taking what was a really great time and turning it into a parade lap that ends in despair. What defines a […]
  • Back in 2014, I had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Max McAllister the owner of Traxxion Dynamics in Woodstock, GA. Traxxion Dynamics was started in 1999 to serve riders with top-notch suspension products and tuning services.  We did a little Q&A to go over some questions and theories that came out of […]

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