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  • Bumpers have come a long way in the last few years. With the JK creating a major jump in total market size, accessories for the Wrangler went from just being plentiful to more advanced and modular designs. Dynatrac makes a bumper? Dynatrac has begun to diversify into other accessories for the Jeep market. They make […]
  • 2005 and 2006 Jeep TJs/LJs have a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that is notorious for failing. Unfortunately, you will not find any OEM replacements which will leave you with three options: repair your unit, find a used unit pulled from another vehicle, or replace your unit with a refurbished one. A long trail of failures […]
  • For anyone who had a moderate to long commute to work this is possibly the best news to come out of the worldwide virus response. This is not a commentary on the virus and we are not inviting a discussion of the worldwide response to the virus. This is a discussion of the impacts to […]
  • Before SLRC I doubted I would ever have the opportunity to get into competitive rock crawling. Even though I have always enjoyed off-roading and thrive on competition, it only took watching a few online videos and seeing the pictures in a few magazines to realize that I did not have a vehicle or the finances […]
  • Unlike the CJ, YJ, and even the TJ swapping the motor in the new JK/JL platforms isn’t as simple or cheap as it used to be. Supercharging and turbocharging offer similar performance to a V8 for less money. Disadvantages of power adders versus a V8. One of the major concerns when using a power adder […]

2 Wheels and a Motor Content

  • With an article talking about “Why I Don’t Group Ride” and also discussing “4 Tips on How to Group Ride the Right Way” the conversation felt incomplete. It was like a hanging chad in a Florida election or a John Madden explanation—something wasn’t quite right. That feeling wouldn’t go away and it stayed in the back of my subconscious,…Continue reading How To Be Good […]
  • I’m such a hypocrite. I wrote a post about “Why I Don’t Group Ride” and then immediately left on a trip to do a tire launch that was a group ride. So much for sticking to my rules. It’s part of the job, however, so here are some pointers if you are going to go…Continue reading 4 Tips On How […]
  • Hanging out with friends and taking in an event that is full of bikes, good food while meeting new people is always a blast. Often events try to turn all of this into a group ride—taking what was a really great time and turning it into a parade lap that ends in despair. What defines a…Continue reading A Riders Perspective – […]
  • Back in 2014, I had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Max McAllister the owner of Traxxion Dynamics in Woodstock, GA. Traxxion Dynamics was started in 1999 to serve riders with top-notch suspension products and tuning services.  We did a little Q&A to go over some questions and theories that came out of…Continue reading Q&A With Max McAllister […]